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Term of uses: This program is only for personal use. The installation of monitoring tools on computers that's not yours or haven't permissions for do that, may violate local, state or federal law. Remote-Keylogger software is a monitoring solution with remote surveillance features, for your personal computer. Please consult legal counsel if you have questions regarding your specific use circumstances.
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Spy on your PC from anywhere!
Secretly record email, chat conversations and overall computer activity remotely on REAL TIME!

What it is used for?

Record everything that happens on your PC and access records remotely through your personal account on this website through any browser (even from your cell phone!). Remote Keyloggerkeylogger is the most effective and easy to use. It does not require prior installation or configuration, it works totally in secret, is not noticed by any antivirus, and best of all, you can access online to all registered without being physically in the monitored PC, even if it is is offline. Be aware 24 hours a day on all the activity that takes place on your PC, and can record everything, each keystroke will be recorded including the active application or window where you are writing. What Remote Keylogger does not record did not happen.

What makes Remote-Keylogger in a solution different than others?

While today on the web there are many keyloggers, most are aware by any antivirus / antispyware since aside to contain keylogger functionality also contain trojans or viruses that may harm your computer. Remote Keylogger is just a monitoring software so no antivirus notice their presence. Check it out for your safety.
One of the main features that differentiate our software over others is the ability to see everything in real time what is happening on the monitored computer, it becomes unique to our software.

No configuration requiered!

You do not need technical skills or be an advanced computer to use Remote Keylogger, you will not waste time setting up FTP accounts or mail servers to access the records of the keylogger. Just a simple click our software starts doing its work, operating in total secrecy and total discretion.
Immediately be executed, all the records begin to reach out automatically to your personal account on this website. You only need to register on this site and run the software installer.

Remote-Keylogger Software:
• Online acess to records all day long
• Spy the computer on REAL TIME!
• With out installation or configuration

• Work with all Windows versions
• Undetectable by any antivirus / antispyware
• Record everything that happens on your PC (chat, e-mail, passwords and more)
• 100% Stealth (even for advanced users)

Remote-Keylogger: Powerful, undetectable and easy to use.


Spy and monitor your PC with only a click! Register now andfeel the absolute control of your computer.